Sony Unlock Code


This service will provide you with an 8 digit unlock code to unlock your device. You will need this service when you put a sim card in your device and it asks for an unlock code. If your device isn't asking for an unlock code, then please contact us first to confirm this service will work for you. Please note that this service will not unblock your device if it has been blocked by a network provider for unpaid bill or has been reported lost or stolen.

After inputting your phones IMEI number into the field above, add the service to your basket. After paying you'll receive an email informing you of the next step. Once the unlock is complete you'll receive a confirmation email with the unlock code for you to use.

*To get the correct IMEI for your device, type *#06# on your devices phone app, this will show you a 15 digit IMEI number.
**If you input your IMEI wrong then we cannot refund your order as it costs us even if the data is wrong.