Sony Unlock Code


Sony Unlock Code

When you request an unlock code for your Sony, a code will be generated based on the IMEI information you provide in the box above. When this code is generated, you'll receive an email with the information required on how to use it to unlock your Sony. If for some reason the code generated will not work, and you can prove to us that you have given us the correct IMEI information or in the case that we're unable to generate a code then you will receive a full refund.

Usually when you try a sim card in your device that isn't accepted, you'll be asked for a code to unlock it, this is the code we generate. Please do not confuse this service as a way to unblock a device that has been blacklisted by a network for an unpaid bill etc.

Current Waiting Times

Fast Service - 2-5 Days

Slow Service - 7-10 Days