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Free Local Delivery on orders over £30

Resident Evil 2

Platform: PS4

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A truly terrifying recreation

Relive Capcom's seminal survival horror classic, completely rebuilt with cutting-edge technology, a deeper, richer narrative and a range of great features.

Step once again into the shoes of dauntless rookie cop Leon Kennedy and intrepid college student Claire Redfield as they peel back the horrific truths surrounding the collapse of Raccoon City and the catastrophic events that would set in motion the ongoing Resident Evil saga.

Re-imagined for the 21st century, Resident Evil 2 combines the exploration, puzzle-solving and survival mechanics of the original with modern visual depth, snappy combat and vast environments.

A Faithful Recreation

Resident Evil 2 has been entirely rebuilt with modern technology for a deeper narrative experience.


An over-the-shoulder camera and modern controls create an up-to-date survival horror experience, combining contemporary gameplay with classic design.

Genre-Defining Gameplay

Engage in frenzied combat, explore dark, menacing corridors, solve puzzles and collect and use items in a constant fight for survival.

Intersecting Narratives

Follow separate playable campaigns for both Leon and Claire and watch the events unfold from both characters' perspectives.

A Classic Cast

Join some of the series' best-loved characters in the Resident Evil adventure, including well-known antagonists like Ada Wong and William and Annette Birkin.

Cutting-Edge Visuals

Experience the incredible atmosphere and unspeakable sights with incredibly-detailed characters, environments and effects.

Iconic characters

Resident Evil 2 introduced a cast of much-loved characters who would each go on to have their own roles within the wider Resident Evil universe. For their modern recreation, Capcom's designers set out to capture the classic look and feel that made them so memorable in the original game.