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Mario Golf: Super Rush

Platform: Switch

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Tee off with family and friends in the speediest mario golf yet!

Join your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters on the fairway for a super speedy round of golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush, only for Nintendo Switch. Whether you're outpacing your opponents in Speed Golf, where players tee off together and race to finish the hole…

You call the shots

Simple button controls make it easy for new players and seasoned pros alike to drive and putt with power. Just take aim, choose your shot strength and send the ball flying! Curve your shot to avoid hazards and put spin on the ball to affect how it rolls after landing. Several features are on hand to help you conquer the course, including a shot gauge that adapts to the angle of the slope and a scan that lets you read the terrain.

Meet the crew!

Choose from a colourful cast of Mushroom Kingdom characters, each boasting different strengths and equipped with their own unique special moves.

Colourful courses

From standard courses to courses with special hazards, every round of golf is different.

Hurry to the hole!

Hit the fairway with up to three other players, both locally and online. In Speed Golf, tee off in unison and race through the course to sink your ball first. Collect items to regain stamina and avoid the course's various hazards as you sprint to the ball. You'll need more than technique to come out ahead in this fast-paced mode use special dashes and shots to give your opponents the run around and swing victory in your favour! Want the classic experience? In Standard Golf, every stroke counts and the lowest score wins.

Ready for adventure!

Enrol your Mii character in golf training at a prestigious country club and go from rookie to pro in the single-player Golf Adventure. Interact with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters as you learn how to play and take on a variety of challenges. Stay ahead of the game by using your tournament winnings to buy clubs and outfits. As you progress, you'll gain experience to level up your character. Spend the points you've earned to upgrade different stats, such as power and running speed, and train your Mii character the way you want! Head to one of the multiplayer modes to take on other players with the Mii character you've trained.

Drive into battle

Nothing is out of bounds in Battle Golf - a special variation of Speed Golf with nine holes in play at the same time. The first player to score three holes claims the victory!