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Free Local Delivery on orders over £30

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Platform: Switch

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Many Mysteries Await On Koholint Island...

Help Link escape a strange land in The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening. Befriend a colourful cast of characters, battle myriad monsters and explore perilous dungeons in this classic adventure - reimagined in a charming new art style!

Buffeted by a storm, Link washes ashore a mysterious tropical island with many strange inhabitants.

To find his way home, our brave hero must seek out magical instruments across the land to awaken the slumbering Wind Fish.

The locals of Koholint might seem pretty odd, but they're a friendly bunch who'll aid Link's quest. Let's get to know some of them!

Embark On A Classic Adventure!

Link's quest to wake up the Wind Fish will see him trek to numerous dungeons scattered across the island. Navigate these labyrinths room-by-room, solving perplexing puzzles, outwitting tricky traps, and battling the fearsome monsters that dwell within.

By collecting gear and items on his travels, Link can explore more of the island and unearth its many secrets. Certain items can even be exchanged with the locals.

Wish You Were Here!

From shops to minigames and other curiosities - your life as a Koholint castaway need not be a dull one!

Dungeon-Making With A Puzzle Twist!

During your adventures, Link will acquire mystical items called "Chamber Stones" that can be arranged into custom layouts to form Chamber Dungeons!

Mix and match different chambers to your hearts content - place an entrance, add some puzzles, keys, boss battles, and everything in-between. Once your Chamber Dungeon is complete, try to conquer it and reap the rewards within!