Windows Laptop Repair PRICE LIST

We deal with too many models of laptops to list all of them individually with individual repair prices, so we have a list of Windows laptop repairs that we carry out on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that these prices can vary a little, depending on your make and model of laptop. If you cannot see what you’re looking for, or would like an accurate price then please contact us.

ScreenFrom £59.95
BatteryFrom £49.95
Reinstall WindowsFrom £19.95
250GB SSDFrom £84.95
500GB SSDFrom £109.95
1TB SSDFrom £129.95

Please note

  • Reinstall Windows price doesn’t include a license key, your previous one will be used. If you require a new license key, a further cost will be added to the service.
  • SSD Replacements include the reinstall of Windows, using your original license key. If you require a new license key, a further cost will be added.

Windows Laptop Repair PRICE LIST

If you’re looking for a repair not listed above, please get in touch for a quote.


Everything we repair comes with an extensive 3 months warranty period


We try out a range of parts to compare quality, making sure only the best is fitted to your device

Cleaned & Test

While carrying out your repair, we'll give your speakers, microphones and ports a clean

Grading Info

Here's a little information on our grading practises for used devices.

  • Brand new

    Anything we have listed as brand new is just as it says, brand new! Including original packaging and at most the device has been powered on to confirm it's working correctly.

  • Like New

    We label an item like new when the condition of the item is as it would be from new, but is missing original packaging or accessories.

  • Excellent

    Products labelled as excellent would show minimal signs of use, with no excessive wear and no deep scratches. These devices still contain signs of use, but at a lower level.

  • Good

    These are the typical devices you see on the used market, showing more signs of use and often some sign of wear on the display. No cracks or faults are on these devices, but a regular amount of wear and tear is expected.

  • Poor

    When the device has had an excessive amount of wear and tear, or shows heavy use to some parts of the device, they'll often find themselves graded as poor. These devices will not have any faults but could feature a small crack that wouldn't affect usability. Cracks to the device would be made clear on the product listing.

  • Faulty

    Sometimes we come across devices that are perfectly functional for most tasks but fail in certain areas that cannot be repaired. This might include a faulty Face ID or Touch ID sensor. Devices listed as faulty will have their faults listed so you're aware of what you're buying. These devices don't always have excess signs of wear and tear, and might be in great condition with just the fault causing this grade.