Daemon X Machina


Console Switch
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Daemon X Machina


Console Switch
In stock at South Elmsall

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Daemon X Machina

The Rise Of The Machines

A mighty war between man and machine rages in Daemon X Machina, a action shooter packed with fast-paced combat, explosive destruction and a huge array of weaponry. Step out onto a futuristic battlefield and fight for the future of mankind on Nintendo Switch.

Man Versus Machine

When the moon fell, mankind harnessed advanced AI to rebuild the world. However, the same disaster saw the arrival of the Immortals, an evil machine race who turned that AI against its masters. Hope for the future became a bitter battle for survival. Now, an endless war rages between powerful consortiums and the Immortals in a fight to save humanity. Join the ranks of the Reclaimers – an elite group of mercenaries – and search for the secret of the Immortals before it’s too late.

Armed To The Teeth

As the newest Reclaimer, embark on dangerous missions in an armoured suit called an Arsenal across a variety of terrains, and complete objectives to earn valuable credits. Use a vast array of weaponry to blow your enemies to pieces, swapping them out on the fly to maximise your firepower. Watch out for mission goals changing at a moment’s notice…you need to be ready for anything!

Your Fight, Your Rules

Arming your Arsenal is as much about style as it is power. Pick weapons that suit your playing style, from smash-mouth blades, close-range shotguns and long-distance rifles, to homing rockets, shields and assault cannons. Exchange credits for equipment between missions, or scavenge what you can from fallen foes during them. Rip the armour or weapons from their suits and use them against their comrades!

Good Friends, Better Enemies

In the fight against the Immortals, you’ll need all the help you can get! Team up with up to three friends co-operatively for special missions, either via local wireless or online multiplayer.

Daemon X Machina comes from the mind of Kenichiro Tsukuda, the genre-defining producer known for his work on the Armored Core series.

Make Me An Offer

Offer missions are the driving force of the war against the Immortals. Powerful consortiums – groups fighting amongst themselves for territorial control as much as against the Immortals – set the goals and elite mercenaries known as Reclaimers take them on. Watch out for mission objectives changing on the fly, especially if unforeseen threats appear…

Ready And Able

Your armoured Arsenal suit is incredibly agile, capable of racing along the ground, jumping high and even flying with optional boost capabilities. What’s more, you can arm it with a devastating array of weapons! Left- and right-hand weapons can be fired independently, automatically locking onto any threat in front of them. Shoulder-mounted offence offers further support, while additional weapons can be equipped and swapped between quickly in the heat of battle.

The Scars Of Battle

As your Arsenal receives damage, you risk being put out of action. Thankfully, you can shoot Recovery Tanks around the battlefield to create recovery areas that will keep you in the fight. Keep an eye on the durability of your Arsenal’s individual limbs. If a component fails, you’ll lose its use and any linked stat boosts. Plus, the repair costs will come out of your post-battle earnings!

You’ve Got The Power

Femto is the mysterious energy that has its benefits. Use it to ready armaments that boost combat power, shielding or mobility. You can even create a duplicate of your Arsenal that distracts foes and doubles your firepower! Using these powers drains your Femto gauge. Refuel by collecting Femto from enemies or flying into Femto zones around each battlefield.

Free And (Not So) Easy

As well as Offer missions, you can also accept Free missions. These additional tasks can be dangerous, but help you pull in some extra credits or salvage Arsenal parts. Work through Offer missions to forge relationships with fellow Reclaimers, then call them in for Free missions for some much-needed support. You’ll be glad you did!

State Of The Art

Keep your Arsenal equipped with the best hardware available. Whether it’s better armour or more powerful weapons, knowing what to have in your loadout is as important as knowing how to use it.

Chop And Change

Visit the Hanger between missions to modify your Arsenal’s firepower and armour. You’ll be limited in what you can equip at first, but the more missions you complete, the more options you’ll have. Swap out head, arm, body and leg parts to take advantage of stat boosts, then add all sort of weapons. Gear up to suit your play style or the demands of each mission – the choice is yours.

Waste Not, Want Not

Don’t want to buy weapons or armour? Then scavenge them from defeated foes instead. You can only claim one item from each enemy though, so grab what you can and get back into the fight!

Style And Profile

Customise your Arsenal’s look to strike fear in your enemies. Unlock paint and decal options in missions that can be applied in the Hangar. Create the style you want and show the Immortals who they’re dealing with. You can also modify almost every detail of your Reclaimer from head to toe. Create a mercenary that best represents you, or go crazy and come up with someone totally unique… it’s up to you.

Squadron, Form Up!

Join up to three friends via local wireless or online for special co-operative multiplayer missions. Credits, weapons and armour earned in these missions can then be used in both single- and co-op multiplayer modes. Some co-op missions pit you against colossal Immortal machines in a true fight for survival, where teamwork is the only way to win. You can also face off against opposing Reclaimers in their own Arsenals – take them all down and show your dominace!

Best In the World

For a more competitive experience, take on friends in either one-on-one or two-on two versus play. Earn points through online play to increase your ranking and show the world how good you are!