If you order a repair online, you'll be required to mail your device to us and once the repair is complete, we'll get your device sent back out to you. Once you've placed an order that includes a repair service we'll automatically send you an email with details on where to send your device. If you order any other products at the same time, they will normally be packaged along with your device when we send it back to you. Please order separately if you want us to send them to you separately.


Physical Goods

The physical goods we have for sale all give you the option at checkout on how you would like us to send your order out. If you're ordering items of significant value then you'll only be able to select recorded methods of delivery. There are usually no circumstances in which we'll need to send out split deliveries if you're only ordering physical goods.


Online Services

We offer online services such as phone unlocking, these do not require typical delivery through the post. You will receive an email when the process is complete including any further instructions required. If you order physical goods alongside online services then we'll send out the physical goods as normal and you'll receive your online services when they're complete over email.