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If you'd rather not sell your goods, you can bring them to store and put them on Buyback. Once you've placed an item on buyback, you get 28 days to buy it back. If you can't afford to buy your item back after the 28 day period then you can also extend it for a further 28 days for the cost of the interest. We accept anything that we would normally buy on buyback such as Mobile Phones, TVs, Cameras, Tablets, Laptops etc.

 *If you fail to extend your agreement and don't buy your item back on time then the items become our property. 




We offer cash loans in-store, £50 to £500 can be loaned from 1 week to 6 months, paid weekly or monthly. You are required to bring in a variety of ID; Proof of Signature, Proof of Address, Bank Statements(Last 3 Months) and Wage Slips(3 Month Period). A credit check will need to be carried out at the point of applying for the loan.

*You are required to be in full time work to apply for a loan.